IMDB Design

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IMDB is one of many mainstream online movies reviewing websites. It holds a high position in popularity amongst your amongst your average moviegoer, however, an overload of celebrity adoration and other media peripherals on the site clouds it's core function. The main issue is that the weight of information is not accurately prioritized based on the authority of the critic, therefore, we seek to transform this website to focus on its central purpose, providing readers with easier access to professional critiques. The current IMDB website holds a cluttered and neutral essence. The only starting proposal we can offer a company as big as Amazon lies within the redesigning (reformatting the way they provide information) of their website; the use of minimalistic colors in cohesion with a smooth and organized interface.

  • Our objective is to give readers the most relevant and accurate information with ease. Using proper and better-   arranged information architecture to give the    best experience.
  • Online community: To participate in groups and forums as well as rate movies and shows in order to promote     online conversation
  • Small intricate additions such as a “Recently Viewed” section on IMDB will help readers find other readers with    similar movie and TV show interests
  • This will organically create communities encouraging them to visit the site on a regular basis