Time Warner Cable


Email Campaign

I would say that Time Warner Cable’s Email Campaign project was one of the projects I dealt with on a daily bases. With so many ways to market your business online, email may seem like old news. However, email marketing is still a very effective mean to engage customers and prospects. While I was assigned to this project I was in charge of designing new look and playing around with the design templates in order to make the emails more engaging.


1. Get more personal.

Customization and personalization are essential to improving your email opening rates. 
Most email marketing management platforms such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, or VerticalResponse make it easy to segment your mailing list and automate the customization.

2. Use a mobile-responsive template.

It’s important to make a mobile friendly website but it is just as important to make sure all your email communications are mobile-friendly as well. A recent study found that 57 percent of people read email on their mobile phones and 33 percent read email on their tablets. Nearly 45 percent of all marketing email today is opened on a mobile device. 

3. Follow best practices for subject lines.

This was the first project where I had the privilege to work with a copywriter and learned the difference a great copywriter makes. One word could make a big difference to an email engagement. Inboxes are very crowded these days, and the subject line and preview text you choose for your email directly impacts the opening rates. 

4. Customize your landing page for each email.

Since Time Warner Cable is a telecommunications company, they would obviously have different offers for different clients, and in different offers there are different packages.
Once you’ve engaged your audience with a highly targeted email, you should be driving them to a targeted page on your website. Customized landing pages—which send the user directly to the item or offer featured in the email