Genius of Play


Genius of Play

With technology rising and mobile apps developing faster than ever, children ages from 6 to 12 spend fewer minutes per week engaging in outdoor activities. Hence, my team and I created a platform to promote the “Value of Play” for the benefit of society by connecting benefits with product offerings, which reinforced the value of play materials (toys) and experiences that drive industry growth.

Develop Physical Skills:

We wanted to educate both parents and children on the various benefits associated with playing outdoors. In order to make the learning experience engaging and interesting, we used fun fonts, colorful illustrations, and bold imagery that are eye-catching.

Play Fact:

On this page, you could see that each block is divided by different colors, creating an illustration similar to stack-up baby blocks. We believe that, visual presentations like this is the most effective and interesting way to deliver play facts. For example, below are some fun facts about kids play: 

1. “Through imaginative play, children become more creative, perform better at school, and develop a problem-solving approach to learning” 

2. “Talking, singing, reading & playing are the best ways to stimulate children’s brain development” 3. “Kids naturally gravitate to physical play: 20% of children’s free play is spent doing physical activities”

3. "Kids naturally gravitate to physical play: 20% of children's free play is spent doing physical activities"